Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Well hello there ...
Been a while hasn't it.
The reason for my absence in blog land is down to the fact that i always blog from my phone as i find it easier to upload pictures and such like. Around a month or so ago Summer smashed her phone and being the lovely person i am ( or for want of an easy life ...without the constant moaning that she had no phone to chat with her friends ) i decided to let her have mine until we got a replacement .
So much has been going on in the past month . I don't really know where to start.
We spent a week focusing on birds . Charlie , summer and Gypsie created a beautiful bird spotting chart . They made a tally of all the birds that visited our garden. We found an egg and some feathers that we were able to closely insect and spent time llooking at the differing variations of beaks .
They also made hatching wheels and drew diagrams of an egg.
We also wrote out some poetry for hand writing practice .

Gypsies and summer spent a week looking at electricity .we discussed how reliant we are upon it and how in days gone by people would of got up with the sun and gone to bed by the moon. They conducted static experiments using a balloon to see what materials they were able to charge and charted their findings. Gypsies also made a compass following instructions in their big science experiments book.

Another week was spent with the three eldest children studying rocks and minerals. We studied a poem by Robert Frost. And looked at the rock cycle and layers of the earth.we also studied caves and the way in which precious stones are formed.They drew diagrams of volcanoes and the rock cycle as well .

Charlie is nearing the end of the grade three waldorf curriculum that we are using. We have been continuing to read animal tales and he enjoys drawing pictures in his main lesson book and we work together to re- tell the stories in a couple of simple sentences.

This week we have been studying bees. We started off by attempting to make a bee mobile . Iv failed to hang it as of yet but its looking beautiful propped against the kitchen window with the light shining through.

Summer and Gypsie both made up bee poems then Summer requested a lapbook. We spent yesterday morning cutting out all the various flaps and booklets and this morning she began filling it all in.

We have learnt so much , bees are truly amazing .

Threre has been a lot of bee role play going on too .As i was hanging out the washing Charlie,Eva and summer were discussing the various jobs of worker bees and buzzing about pretending to protect their hive (the trampoline) feed the baby bees, collect pollen and such .

Gypsie and Jasmine have been studying maths and English using some workbook .
What else has been happening .... Charlie has been building camps and fires in the garden .
And painting signs .
He found some instructions in a book and with a bit of help from daddy he made his own pond.
He has also been shooting with his dad and making targets .

The older girls made some window flowers.
  Summer has been baking delicious treats.

Summer continues to be a young entrepreneur .she has used my ebay account to sell unwanted items and made enough money to purchase another reborn doll kit. She has been very busy painting the kit gliving the dolls skin a mottled effect and painting on veins . I will post photos when its all put together. She brought a crib from the charity shop yesterday and has painted it white as it was in need of a bit of love. All of this she has done by herself .she is amazing!

I spent some time with summer and Eva picking flower and creating fairy outfits.

Gypsie continues to be tattoo obsessed .If she's not tattooing herself with her Rio body art set (mostly freehand ...sometimes with stencils ) she's tattooing someone else, looking up designs or passing on snippets of information she's read about the tattooing process .
In other news , Jasmine has got her first job as a weekend paper girl. i'm very proud of her persistence , she's been trying to get a paper round ever since her 13th birthday and now  nine months on she has one!

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