Thursday, 24 April 2014

The garden in spring.

We are blessed to have a large garden .
As I was growing up I watched my dad caring for his hens, digging up much of the garden of our family home, turning compost, rotivating the soil, rotating crops and such like.

I never helped dad in the garden , or at least I don't remember. I do have memories of eating yummy sweet tomatoes and crisp onions that he had pickled.

Who would think now id be trading seeds and asking for advice and enjoying the whole process so very much.


I love to let out my hens in the morning,  I hear them clucking impatiently when they hear me unbolting the gate of there enclosure. As I go inside and open the sliding door of the coop they practically leap over each other in the bid to be the first one out.

I love to unzip and roll up the door of my little plastic green house. To step in to that little space of warmth and look upon the seedlings and plants.

This sign is very apt . It was given to me as a mothers day gift from Jasmine

I love to look in to our pond . To watch the many gold fish and try to see tadpoles I'm hoping will have survived. I love to smell the pear and apple blossom. To weed my raised bed , home to the potatoes, garlic and peas. And to laugh at my very unstraight rows of onions and raddish . Although the garden is my little retreat its also been a great family project .I can't take all the credit for what looks like being our best gardening year because everyone has been a part of it. Charlie and Paul put up my green house, all the children have planted seeds and potatoes and I'm hoping very much they will enjoy eating the crops ! Of course no garden is complete without a trampoline ,enclosing some very wild beasts.

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