Monday, 14 April 2014


Its been a super busy day here today.
A day full of busy creativity .
This morning I actually wished I could clone myself. With all the "mum come and see this! " and "Mum, can you help me with This?" I was hearing.
It seems we have gone from one extreme to another. I was feeling really bored and un-needed lately and today was a very welcome contrast.
Gypsie asked for her pocket money and accompanied me to the shop first thing this morning. She got some Easterish bits and bobs for a secret project she has been in her bedroom working on today.
We also got some wool for her in the charity shop .She says that she will use it to knit something for Robbie. 
Summer wrote a letter to a friend and drew a rather lovely mini mouse on the back. She also asked for some money and headed to the shop for supplies needed to make these awesome edible Easter baskets. She got the idea from a tutorial she had watched on YouTube. They have been placed in a Tupper where box in the fridge as she wants to give them as gifts to family next weekend.
Id picked up some plants on my early morning trip to the shop and after id cleaned out what was left of last years compost and dead plants, Jasmine, Summer and Eva planted up the hanging baskets for the front of the house.
Whilst at the same time Charlie insisted I tell him what ingredients and how much of each he needed to make some cup cakes. He was so sweet and told me he would need to try and remember what id told him so that he could make them for his kids when he's older!
Charlie and I also made these pretty stain glass Easter crosses. They are just pictures I printed off , I used watercolour paint and Charlie chose to use pencil and then we applied some cooking oil to give them a translucent effect. This method was very effective and they look great with the sunlight shining through.
After a busy morning Evie decided she wanted to eat her lunch in the back of the car (as you do) and being the great big brother Charlie is he decided to join her. 
This afternoon mum came round for a cuppa .She kindly brought round some eggs that id asked her for. Our hens seem to have gone off laying at the moment where as mum and dad seem to have them coming out of there ears. I d also asked her for some duck eggs as they are paler and will be well suited to a craft i have in mind. (watch this space)
The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the beautiful sunshine. My neighbours grandchildren came round and the kids all had heaps of fun playing and bouncing on the trampoline.
In other news we received our letter to follow  our elective home ed visit a couple of weeks ago. Its all very positive and states that...
" The children are all receiving a satisfactory education , with learning across a range of subjects, all tailored very much to their individual strengths, needs and interests .provision is very well thought out and provides a very positive experience for the children .consideration is made for what they May wish to do when they are older."

 So that's good enough for me, the LEA are happy , I'm happy and most importantly of all my children are all happy.

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