Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Easter fun and more spring sun!

This morning Charlie decided he wanted to make an Easter garden. We headed out to the green house were he filled up a box [I had cut off the lid ] with compost. He used a cardboard tomato punnet for the cave in which jesus' body was placed and found a big rock to place over the entrance. He made a small mound of compost in one corner and covered the miniature  garden in moss and pebbles .Charlie found two sticks and I used an elastic band to join the two to form a cross to show where Jesus was crucified . Summer showed me a YouTube tutorial on Easter bunny bread last night , whilst I was attempting to have a bath! This facilitating the children's learning is non stop I tell you!!!! I told her we would defiantly make some in the morning, so of course we did. I say we. All I did was tip some water in to the mixer , she did it all herself.Once he was baked she hollowed out a bowl shape in his belly and filled it with cheese spread.He was a tear and share dilpping bunny. And it looked and tasted fantastic. Jasmine blew and began to decorate the duck eggs that we scrounged from mum. She's using a Baltic method. Which is basically a wax resistance method. You dye the eggs , then drip on some wax, dye them again with a diffrent colour and then drip on some more wax ( we will do this step three times) After your final wax dripping you hold the eggs over a flame to melt off the wax and should be left with a beautiful design. Well, thats the idea .I will post some photos when shes finished. This afternoon Charlie asked me to watch spy kids 3 with him.I was up for it as I wasn't feeling too well and felt like a rest. But we soon ended up outside enjoying the sun. Once it had warmed up it truly was another beautiful afternoon. Robbie had a long nap and I got to relax in the sun with a coffee or two. whilst watching summer do some gymnastics and Eva trying hard to copy. Charlie and summer made an assault course from various items and then decided to find some snails. There wad trampoline jumping and swinging and sliding too. I was also treated to a manicure and pedicure from summer. Just before dinner summer and Gypsie made two more stain glass crosses like those Charlie and I made yesterday ( see previous post) This evening Jasmine and Gypsie went to the park to play football and basket ball whilst the younger ones played houses and castles before heading back outside to enjoy the last of the daylight . xxx

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