Friday, 18 April 2014

Good Friday

Good Friday has been and almost gone and not a whiff of a hot cross bun! 

I don't think I'm alone here, on most days I set myself little tasks that I want to get done on top of all my daily chores .
Today I wanted to clean the kitchen chairs and put the new cushions on them display the new to us alphabet letters and months of the year cards and clean the bedroom window ....

I managed to get this done in dribs and drabs as and when the baby slept or was being snuggled by a helpful sister .

BUT when I asked if anyone fancied making hot cross buns with me no one felt enthusiastic enough .

so yeah. I sit her totally bunless !!!

We have had a lovely day though.Jasmine wrote out all the Easter cards that they all made yesterday morning ready to be delivered shortly.

I took a walk down to the sea with all the children but summer this afternoon. The sun was bright and warm too.

I returned home to Summer cleaning up in the kitchen and Paul loading the dishwasher .she had made raw cookie dough and some treats for the hamster too.

Jasmine finished making her totally gorgeous Baltic eggs todAy too.

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