Monday, 17 March 2014

St patrick's day 2014

Well would you believe it.
It seems Charlie's leprichorn tea party did indeed lure some mischievous leprichorns in to the garden last night.

Summer and Jasmine had placed traps in the kitchen too that showed evidence of a visitor!

We tiptoed down the garden to the magical party venue that Charlie had so carefully created, and there was evidence of some shananigans to be found . A sprinkling of green glitter covered the whole area. And a tiny little card thanked Charlie for the dinner and told him they had hidden a surprise in our garden!

For some reason Charlie thought they might have burried the surprise and so he spent a long time digging .
Summer strolled down the garden and saw the treats straight away and I think she may have given a big hint as to where Charlie should look.

Charlie was extremely happy with his jelly beans and rainbow strips and shared them with his sisters.

After all the excitement had settled I helped Charlie and Eva make Irish soda bread . We had never made any before , it smelt great but as it happened Gypsies the only one who likes it!

I walked in to the lounge later in the morning to find summer curled up on the sofa with a maths workbook ,her phone and her journal .She was copying out a st patricks day poem....I love when they are self motivated .
The same can be said for Gypsie who decided this afternoon to set up a sugar crystal experiment and Jasmine who has filled out a form to take part in "The great Bembridge bake off" which is happening in our village shortly .

This afternoon Gypsie took Charlie to the park and once again Jasmine  went cycling and walking with my sister.

Eva has had a day where shes been quiet boisterous and feisty.
There's been busy moments and quiet drinking hot drinks with a story moment, running round crazy moments and tender hug moments ...lashing out moments and calming bath moments. on the whole life in our house is full of moments that I'm glad I don't miss  !

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