Sunday, 16 March 2014

chemistry , maths, piggy, parks, beaches and bunnies !

This is just a quick catch up post before I forget all we have been up to.

Our main lesson on Wednesday was based upon what plants take as they grow and how they give back to the earth when they are burnt.

Our main lesson on Thursday morning was spent studying a candle flame, looking at the different colours and drawing a diagram. We discussed the different reactions taking part and how that resulted in diffrence of colour and different heats within the flame. I learnt equal as much as the girls.

That afternoon Jasmine and Gypsie cycled to the harbour , I'm glad they enjoyed afternoon together of finding beautiful shells and climbing rocks and I'm glad we live in a quiet village were I feel able to give them the amount of freedom they now desire.

Charlies maths lesson on Thursday was about odd and even numbers ...he flew through this with no trouble!

Friday morning was spent enjoying some treats , the grocery delivery came that morning along with new coloured roller ball pens as requested by Gypsie, icing and kit-Kate biscuits as requested by Summer and the"sweet treats " magazine that Jasmine has been wanting .I surprised Evie with a peppa  pig cup cake mix and Charlie with a DK lego super hero sticker book.

Summer made a fantastic "piggy in mud" cake with the supplies she had requested.

That afternoon we went to the library to return some books , renew a couple id forgotten about and borrow lots more. The evening was spent reading Eva all the books she had chosen .

This weekend seems to have flown by. summer had her dance lessons on Saturday morning and while Paul spent that time playing chauffeur I stayed at home with the others and spent all morning baking.

We went for a stroll down to the beach with my brother and sister in law and mum dog in the afternoon . It was beautiful down there . Crabs were found, rocks examined and stones thrown .

Jasmine been out most of the weekend with my sister and their friends .cycling, playing on the beach and walking. Only coming home for money and to eat..... She's growing up too fast !!!!

Today I had planned on a big spring clean .Alas iv been out all day. we popped to mum this morning to take a birthday gift to my sister and anniversary gift to mum and dad. we ended up in the garden looking at their hens, the very gorgeous cockeral , the ducks and bunnies . Dad was planting his first early potatoes and he kindly gave us a few to bring home for our garden. A long while ago Charlie planted a mangos stone and when it got too big for the noodles pot we had placed in a bigger plant pot that no longer fitted on the window sill. Since then Grandma had been looking after it in his green house.
Now that we have our own little greenhouse Charlie was able to bring it home to take back.over the care!

This afternoon we went to the park with my sister to continue enjoying the beautiful weather. once home and Robbie was settled I got too spend some quality time with Charlie outside in the garden . He has created a leprechaun tea party. With it being st patricks day tomorrow we are hoping to lure some leprichorn s in to our garden.

As you can see from the photos once they enter the rock circle through the evergreen archway they will be very comfy on the moss sofa or the rock chairs whilst they enjoy the grass and bud salad from the shell plates upon the tree stump table.

We can't wait to see if the gold treasure has lured them in!

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