Monday, 24 February 2014


Evie is so lucky, iv noticed just lately how great the older ones are with her .

Jaz will often walk her down the road to the horses, or take responsibility for her if i have my hands full in the shop or somewhere. Yesterday for example Robbie was very unsettled on a walk around the block. Evie was being a normal two year old , walking at snails pace , concentrating hard on walking , eating a chocolate lolly and taking in the surroundings.
Charlie on the other hand was running ahead dipping , diving and hiding behind trees imagining he was on an army assault course.
Jasmine could see (and hear )how badly Robbie wanted to nurse and suggested i go on ahead with the two boys.She s so responsible i have no worries about her capabilities with Eva and their safety.

I often catch the older ones reading and playing and dancing with her.

Today summer is letting her help with biscuit baking!

There are of course times when having a toddler for a sister is very irritating for them , but when i catch moments like the photo below i feel amazingly blessed!

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