Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Not every day is laughter and rainbows.....but today was!

Today has been great.

My baby boy appears to be feeling much better , there's been a few coughing fits but not to the point of projectile vomiting like the past week or so.
I am so relieved  , i worry so much when they are poorly.

So anyway today i tried a new recipes in the slow cooker.We tried goulash .I love being able to throw a meal together first thing in the morning and have it bubbling away , it seems to free up so much time.

I managed to fix charlies nerf gun. He had been complaining that its not working for a while . Seems there was a bullet wedged in under one of the components. A pair of tweeser and some pulling and pushing later and i managed to retrieve it. And im happy to report that Charlie and his gun have been inseparable for most of the day.

I decided to make some biscuits and asked Charlie if he would like to help. I suggested that as he was running around in his clone trooper outfit wielding his nerf gun that perhaps they could be army a
Man biscuits. Of course he wanted to help!

Summer has been looking online at hair colours and comparing the price of dye. Today i was unlisted to use my papal account and order the chosen dye. Shes chosen to have her hair dip dyed and we have some shocking pink dye on the way.

This afternoon Jasmine headed of to Ryde on the bus with my sister , where they met up with a friend and looked around the shops.

Gypsie took Charlie to the park to play in the basketball court and myself,summer and Eva went out splashing in muddy puddles.It rained a little and we spotted a gorgeous rainbow.

On returning home, i had pretend tea and dinner cooked for me by Eva as i sat singing along to the music channel and doing a puzzle with Gypsie.

Its been a lovely day.

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