Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The week so far.....

This month, according to the waldorf essentials curriculum that we dip in and out of, is maths month. . .

I don't like maths much .

In my opinion so long as you can weigh, measure and use money , thats your basic "life skills" maths sorted.

Three times I took my maths GCSE ,THREE....I took extra classes in order to get the C grade that I narrowly missed each time in the two previous attempts . This all important c grade was apparently needed for me to keep my place in the sixth form were i was studying Art, religious studies and history.

It was torture , my teacher ,a fan of the gothic look. He always dressed from head to toe in black. The belt around his tiny waist had a skeletons hand as the clasp. A black cord around his neck had a silver charm and I remember him wearing rings too .He was embellished with skeletons.

I remember one specific lesson were I was told to do star jumps. A classmate had to guess how many I would do in a certain amount of time.
so there I was doing star jumps trying desperately hard not to flash my knickers .
The teacher even commented to the male classmate behind me that he probably had a great view.

I digress , so basically you see why I don't like maths.

My children , (with the exception of Charlie , who says he quite likes maths ) also are not keen on maths.But at least I can be sure they won't be remembering there maths lessons with feelings of fear and embarrassment .

Gypsie didn't want to take part in the first couple of activities but she  quite enjoyed today pretty multiplication pictures.

so... Monday morning Jasmine ,summer and Charlie made times table circles.

Tuesday morning, they filled out multiplication grids .

Today Gypsie made times table pictures.
Charlie asked me to write out some multiplication and addition problems for him on a sheet of paper whilst summer chose to do multiplication word problems from a work book .

As well as maths there was an impromptu biology lesson this morning . Charlie asked me if his esophagus  and his "breathing" pipes were the same thing.
We got out a couple of books from the shelf and answered his question. And I asked if he would like me to draw around him in order to make a life size diagram of his digestive system . summer also decided to join in!

I now have a life size Charlie hanging on the fridge and a life size summer hanging on the kitchen wall.

yesterday was shrove Tuesday so i as well as maths we took a look at how other people around the world celebrate . Jasmine ,Gypsie ,summer and Charlie all worked together to compile all the information in to a lapbook.

The weather has been more spring like these last few days too.This of course means more time outside walking, trampoline bouncing ,and viewing the frogs pawn in our pond!

Jasmine has spent most of today with one of my sisters .They have been cycling and looking for crabs ...loveing the sun shine!

Spring may finally have sprung!

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