Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Today i am thankful that although Charlie woke coughing terribly he is much more his lively self . Im also thankful that the tests my dad underwent at hospital this afternoon didnt show up any thing too awful .

my day started in the normal fashion , breakfast followed by the hanging out of washing , followed by letting out the hens , followed by a bath and whilst in the bath i was treated to a dance show put on by Eva and Charlie ...never a dull moment here not even when attempting a bath!!!

Today has seen the eating of jelly sweets in the shape of the alphabet , which provided Charlie with the opportunity to teach his little sister some letters as he pointed to them in a phonics  book whilst they chewed away.

There has been a reconstruction of the sinking of the titanic happening in my bath ( luckily i wasn't in it at that time )

There has been ice painting .Evie enjoyed helping me mix the food dyes with the water in the ice cube trays and popping a lolly each one and once ready she enjoyed crunching up the ice more than painting with it, but Thats just fine. She asked to play with them twice today and Charlie joined her the second time.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding at one stage as she asked for the i helped her make some apple juice lolly , which come to think of it ate still in the freezer as she didn't mention them again .

Summer and i took a walk to the shops this afternoon we found a bath bomb science kit and a wooden make your own tank kit in the charity shop . Upon returning home Charlie was thrilled with his tank and summer and her friend did a self Inflating balloon experiment as well as creating a bath bomb .

There has been reading, more dancing, computer using , t.v watching and lego playing .

Gypsies spent most of the day crafting and planning what colour to dye her hair.

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