Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sea shells and sore throats!

Yesterday morning i woke feeling quite unwell. This cold really is horrid .....

But after a nice lie in it was straight up and on with the tasks of hanging out the washing and cleaning out the hens. I was pleasantly surprised to see my dad come walking down the garden towards me as i attended to the rather mucky hen house. He stood n chatted as i made there home less poopy and loaded the nest box with fresh straw.

Once indoors we had a nice cuppa and chat and headed to the lounge at Evas request so that she could make her grandad some food in her play kitchen.
It was great to see dad he's heading to hospital today for a test so hopefully we took his mind of of the ptocedure for a little while .

I was concerned that Charlie hadn't gotten out of bed to see his grandad. And upon him getting up he still looked very peaky . I phoned the doctors and managed to get him an appointment for the evening and leaving him happily playing on the wii under the watchful eye of his daddy and eldest sister i headed off to the beach with the others. (as id promised Gypsie yesterday)

Evie still loves to throw stones into the sea .we were a bit concerned that she was going to get soaked as the tide was almost in. Summer was the most concerned of all and so she invented a game which involved her throwing stones down a mini slip way away from the waters edge. They played that game for a long while !

With not quite as many shells as we'd have liked and the tide almost at the wall we headed back home.

I walked the children home and headed off to the shop. A five minute trip took about 45 minutes with shop workers and neighbours all stopping to peak at Robbie as he slept peacefully in his sling. I have to agree with them all he is gorgeous !

So ones back home i discover everyone has lunch sorted for themselves , the fantastic thing about my children is there independent nature and i have to remind Paul of how good it is as Eva fiercely asserts her independence all day long!

I spent the afternoon , cleaning, cuddling and feeding Robbie ,reading to Eva and watching Charlie play with his lego.I also admired Gypsie shell photo frame as she made it.As i said we didnt get quite as many shells as we would of liked so another trip to the beach will follow shortly !

Later in the early evening Paul took Charlie off too see the doctor in the next village whilst i stayed home with the others and made pizzas for our dinner.
What a wasted trip that was. The doctor was in my opinion very disrespectful towards my lovely son and rude to Paul.Paul had given Charlie some gum to chew in the car and instead of simply asking him to spit it out (she needed to check his sore throat) he was asked abruptly " Are you allowed to chew gum when you Come to see the doctor ?". And Paul was made to feel like he was an inconvenients to her and told his chest was clear and to go take a seat in reception and wait to get Charlie a flu jab !!!!
Well its a good job Paul phoned me to check about the jab. I promptly reminded him that we dont do the flu jab firstly because its "grown" in egg and secondly because it made Jasmine (shes not allergic to egg) so poorly that she May as well of had the flu!

Im surprised Paul was told to sit and wait with Charlie for the vaccination , surely you wouldn't vaccinate an unwell child and shouldn't the doctor of seen that he has an allergy to egg?

We all enjoyed our dinner before bath time commenced for the smallest ones , more stories were read, more lego was played with, the groceries were ordered and finally everyone was sound asleep ....  recharging there batteries for whatever today shall bring !

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