Thursday, 23 January 2014


Today we were expecting a visit from our health visitor . When im expecting someone it means i cant relax and put our days plans on hold , not wanting to be midway through an activity when they ring the door bell. Well i was expecting her between half ten and eleven but she was a no show. I called the office where she was based and her work mobile and still got no answers .I recieved a call from her some time after one .she appologised and says she doesnt know how the mix up occurred and we have got our dates muddled . Well seen as i have Thursday 23rd written in her hand writing in the back of Robbies red book its clearly not me who is in a muddle......

* Rant over *

This afternoon Paul decided it was time to introduce me to "The sound of music" . Can you believe at the age of 32 iv never seen it!
Well i quite enjoyed it. I cant say the same for the kids though. They all had much better things to do. Like making chocolates, using the computers , reading and playing.

Summer has been creating more bath bombs and fizzy explosions . Charlie has been using his workshop and jaz has been out for a stroll with my sister.

This evening while waiting for dinner i read charlie and Eva a differing version of the  gingerbread man than the usuall book that we read. They both enjoyed it so much we read it twice!

Charlie decided he wanted to design a robot and he had me write out some information about it too!

This evening i got my act together and ordered new main lesson books and journals, i registered with the Potato council to get some free seed potatoes, i signed Charlie up for a free trial of reading eggs and maths seeds and have an order placed with Baker Ross for some Chinese new year and holy week crafts .

With a new baby and Paul being layed off work there's lots of change ...we dip in and out of structure and unstructured days but i think we all need to get more of our rhythm back. More candle lit meals , more crafting as a family , more time together .


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