Friday, 24 January 2014

Hearing tests and photographs

Today we took Robbie for his newborn screening test at the hospital .
I had cancelled an appointment that was made for a couple of weeks ago. I felt confident that he could hear .He was easily startled by loud noises and just recently he has been turning his head towards sounds .

However i spoke to woman from the audiology department and she simply wouldn't take no for an answer. Before i knew it we had been booked another appointment .

My instincts were right and Robbies hearing is perfectly fine and i wish id have been confident enough to refuse the test.

Mum kindly stepped in and came and sat with the other children while we were out.

This afternoon iv been cooking and baking and its been very quiet as the kids have just been getting on with there own things and Evie has had a very long nap...

Jasmine has been out for a walk around the village and taken some very nice pictures from the local shops.

What do you think of them ?

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