Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday , Monday !

Another day has come and gone and we r all tucked up in bed.

Charlie is still rather poorly so we are considering a trip to the drs tomorrow . Hes very dark under the eyes and is coughing a lot.
Hes spent today lying upon the sofa watching the tv , (walking with dinosaurs and cartoons ) playing lego and using the computer to play games and watch star wars videos. I hate seeing him poorly !

Paul took all four of the girls for a walk up the village to the chemist this morning . It was extremely quiet here so what did i do ...
I cleaned n organised all of the food cupboards !

Summer woke looking awful but insisted she was well as she didn't want to miss her dance. Classes . She has spent her day connecting with friends online , looking at videos and tutorials on organising her draws (yes she clearly take after her mum) making a desk organisers and dancing . She asked if i would walk her up to her dance lesson tonight because she wanted to show her baby brother off!

Jasmine has been a fabulous big sister today She baked shortbread with Eva and this evening pushed her on her scooter as we walked summer up to dancing.Shes also baked brownies and cupcakes.

Gypsies been crafting today .she is making a make up storage cupboard from a cardboard box and tissue paper.She wanted to go to the beach to collect shells for another craft project but between the walk with her dad this morning , mum coming by this afternoon and then summers dance lessons this evening we simply ran out of time . Hopefully if the rain holds off i can take her tomorrow .

Evie has been dancing, drawing, colouring, eating many , many shortbread biscuits and enjoying  lots of fresh air. She really enjoyed watching winter watch with me this evening too pointing and asking over and over again " what's that mummy?" and then repeating the animal names.

Robbie has been receiving lots of snuggles from us all and is now fast asleep in my arms. On that note i think i best try n get some sleep. Xxx

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