Saturday, 25 January 2014


Iv been busy organising today.

The girls headed out on a walk up the village with Paul this morning leaving me at home with my boys. I baked enough bread rolls for a couple of days and then got stuck in to planning our days next week.

We are loosely following the waldorf essentials curriculum dipping in and out , mixing things up a bit , leaving out bits they have no interest in , digging deeper in to things they find interesting.

Well to be honest we have been pretty child lead since December but we will be starting back with our main lessons on Monday .

The girls are pretty enthusiastic about it .The new main lesson books arrived in the post today .

Iv written a brief summery of what id like to do with each child on each day next week.

Charlie is continuing with his maths block on the months of the year.
Summer is starting a block about Egypt.
Gypsie will be studying the physics of light and colour and Jasmine will start to look at explorers of the renaissance ,beginning with Columbus !
Circle time will focus on deep hibernation and Charlie , Eva and i will study black bears!

On Friday we will have a day full of Chinese new year crafts and cooking.

Well Thats the plan anyway....

Im looking forward to next week .

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