Monday, 27 January 2014

Back to the usual routine!

Today went pretty well.

Its been a long day , and im yet to get gorgeous little Robbie settled for the night.

Charlie has put up a bit of resistance to getting back in our routine but i expected that .
The girls have concentrated on there main lessons and were all done by eleven.At which time summer and Jasmine headed to the shops for some stationary supplies.

Charlie did enjoy cycle time, he and Eva danced along to " teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground". Because we are learning about hibernation this week we changed the words to " black bear, black bear...."
we read a native American story about why bears have stumpy tails too. Charlie insisted on doing actions as i read.

Gypsie made some lovely floating candles this afternoon and Jasmine baked a delicious coffee cake and helped me make pizza for dinner.

Summer had her last dance lesson at her usuall class tonight. Shes been promoted up to a higher grade class . she can attend one that takes place outside of the village on a Saturday morning. Shes very excited and i am very proud of my little dancer!

And in other news the health visitor came round this morning to weigh  Robbie .I knew he had put on some weight but i wasn't expecting to hear that he was 9lb 2oz. He has packed on 2lb in twenty days . .. well that explains why his baby grows are getting so tight!!!

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