Sunday, 19 January 2014

Models, magazines and money.

Well the week started of quite promising as you May of read in my last post. And after a full week of appointments in the previous week i was looking forward to a more "normal " week this week.

It has been a lot quieter than planned . Charlie and summer have been rather unwell with  nasty flu like symptoms which they have been kind enough to share with me.

Still the kids continue to grow and learn everyday with little input from me.

There has been LOADS of baking . I brought lots of very cheap baking mixes from Approved foods , bread mix , brownies mix, chocolate cake mix, vanilla cake mix, seeded flapjack mix get the idea...but they were a bargain .And the girls have all enjoyed using them and eating them too.

Gypsie has mainly been drawing, painting, reading , taking care of her rabbit and using stencils  to create tatoos  on her own arms and her sisters.
Its actually a joy to see Gypsie reading and Shes been reading to Eva a lot too. She was a very resistant reader but time and trust has payed off.

Summer has been using the computer and her phone to edit photos and communicate with other reborn doll fanatics . Today she baked cakes to take for her dance teachers tomorrow .

Jasmine has been reading plenty too. She actually read a whole" diary of a wimp kid" book in one day and returned it to the library and borrowed more books. Shes been playing football at the park and walking a lot too.

Charlie has been building and painting  models. A wooden pirate ship and a plastic stealth bomber . We also made a start on titanic lapbook. Hes been playing with his electronics set.

There has been lots of film watching too.

We have been able to spend a while outside in the garden with Eva. She adores the freedom to chase the hens and explore the pond but its been a rarity lately as it seems to always be raining.
She is Absolutly obsessed with pepper pig at the moment and was very happy with the pepper pig magazine Charlie and i found at the shop this afternoon . Shes sat on my bed now flicking through the pages.

Talking of the shop, i v really began to notice that Charlie has a fantastic understanding of money for a child of seven who has never had a "maths lesson" .... This life learning really works huh !
He found a bag of change in a cupboard and was able to count out seven pounds in pound coins , fifty pence and twenty pence. Proudly telling me how he was working it all out and handing his dad two pounds for the parking meter . He often points out how much things are in the shops and can tell me how much pocket money hes got!

Its also occurred to me that i am rubbish at remembering what's gone on in our busy home when i dont blog !


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