Thursday, 2 January 2014

Back to "normal " (what ever that is!)

Pauls Christmas holiday ended today. We were hoping he would get some played paternity leave ( with the other children hes always had two weeks off) but it seems he is needed at work. He was actually a little late due to the car battery dying , but he made it in in the end.
So yeah, just me n the kids today .

Dispite having only gotten an hour and a half sleep last night , physical im feeling a lot less fragile than i have felt during pregnancy and the past few days following the birth.

We took Robbie out for his first little walk in the sling. He slept the whole time! Charlie was so cute , because Robbie never seen the outside world before he was pointing out things and telling him what they are. "look Robbie , these are flowers, this is a puddle, this is ivy, Thats a red car ...." this went on pretty much the whole time we were out!

Upon returning home the children helped take down the Christmas decorations .After a big argument about who was doing what job it was pretty much all done within an hour and Thats with moving the t.v across the room and re arranging toys and cleaning up bits of fake tree. Charlie did a fabulous job of taking the tree apart and cable tying the colour co-ordinate branches together to be stored away.

Jasmine was wonderful and took down all the lights. Both indoors and outside .

With time ticking on Summer made lunch for everyone , baking some part baked rolls and serving them buttered with cheese , cold meat and pickles . Some ten years olds might find making lunch for six a bit of a task but none off my children have issues with tasks along these lines .They are all very independent and im proud of that. I recently watched a documentary about freshers starting at university . The vast majority of the students were unable to preform the everyday tasks ( cooking and washing their clothes) that my children do without any problems .

My mum came round this afternoon for a coffee and baby snuggles and then i finally got my hands on Jasmine kindle and i sat and ordered the groceries, some small epiphany gifts my sisters birthday presents . With the decorations and the tree gone from the lounge i was able to give Eva the easel i got her for Christmas .summer and Jasmine enjoyed following the instructions to put It together .

I made us pizzas for dinner this evening and Gypsie and summer both asked if they could make their own individual pizzas next time.

Jasmine made cake pops tonight...vegan and regular ones which are both scrummy .

Gypsie sat in bed with Eva tonight and read her the gingerbread man, it was lovely to hear and see as reading is something Gypsie has always struggled with . Hearing her read to her little sister so confidently was just great!

Eva still adores books, we had spent time reading together earlier in the afternoon .

We have had a great day today .slightly spoilt when Eva vomited a little this hoping she just drank her drink to quickly resulting in a big birth and a mouthful of yuckyness ....but im on red alert now due to my sick phobia!

And on that not so nice note i shall leave you with some photos.


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