Friday, 3 January 2014

Wild life, castles , dinosaurs , catapults and more!

Eva and i are breakfast together this morning at the kitchen table , on the wall we have a Great British Year" poster .I stuck it up months ago and of all our Children it is Eva who has shown the most interest in it. One day she stood and pointed to all the stages of thr butterfly life cycle , describing each stage"...butterfly ...egg...caterpillar ..pupa " she shouted  . I thought Paul must have taught her the word pupa ,but upon asking him he told me he hadn't . She must have over herd us talking about it at some point and just kind of picked it up.
Any how today we sat together munching our cereal and she pointed away and we talked about hedge hogs, foxes, frogs, hibernation and animals that like to come out at night.she also tried to say the different names of various fungi .... This lasted a good hour which i found quite amazing for my energetic two year old.

Last night Charlie asked me to read him one of his castle books. He then told us he wants to build his own castle ...i suggested his tefoc bricks , Paul suggested lego bricks and Charlie got upset because apparently he wants a real castle made of stone from the beach. We talked to him about just how hard that would be and even if it wasnt hard that you would need planing permission before you plonked a castle in your back garden. He was still upset. You've got to give him credit for his enthusiasm though! By this morning he had decided he was going to make a wooden castle in the garden. He managed to get Gypsie in on it too.They sat together drawing up plans to turn the Wendy house in to a castle. They then headed outside in the rain . They relocated the bikes and old trampoline parts from the Wendy house to the shed and hosed and swept it all out.
They came in an hour later dirty and cold and i have not herd another word about it.

They spent the rest of the day watching walking with dinosaurs and a program about how they make the show. They also watched "Alice in wonderland " they have seen it before but still enjoyed re -watching it.They decided to use the computers  together too.

Later today Charlie finished making a cardboard catapult with help from Summer . He was very pleased with the end result. Using it to shoot targets off the mantle piece.

Summer has mainly been skype chatting and instagraming about reborn babies .she watched a program about dancing too. Her and Eva have been having a giggle dancing and using the yoga pretzels cards. She's also made start on a scratch art suncatcher .

Jasmine has been snuggling her brother whilst i caught up with some cleaning and tidings ,she used her kindle to research the prices of some family trips out and then she headed out for a walk with one of my sisters .

Its been a lovely day!


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