Sunday, 1 December 2013

My little dancing star!

Summer has been attending Tap ,ballet and disco lessons for around eighteen months or so.

Back in the summer she took some exams and did fantastically well.

She adores  dancing and tells me shes wants to be a dance teacher when she's older .

well right now she's still in bed...exhausted I should think. on top of her usual lessons this week  she's had a rehursal a dress rehursal and performed in two shows ...getting home after ten at night.

She has had a fantastic week.

We went to watch her preform on Friday night and Paul and I were welling up with tears as we  watched her group take to the stage. My favourite moment was when she did the splits at the end of one of her songs. she is the only one in her class that can do it!!!!!

She was brilliant.And so confident , she doesn't seem to even get nervous before hand .

Jasmine went back to watch again last night ,taking my sister along with her.

summers already talking about the next show and asking if she can get point shoes.

I'm one proud mum!

keep shining summer my little dancing star!


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