Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Facilitating when all you really want to do is sleep!

Evie has been poorly.
On Monday her temperature was raging and she was very clingy .But fortunately by Tuesday she was much improved.  However she's not sleeping. My little girl isn't a good sleeper anyway .The longest she will ever go without waking is about four hours .
These past three nights have been awful. Since Sunday iv had about six hours of very broken sleep .
To be honest I'm beyond tired now .

I'm trying very hard not to allow it to have a negative impact on our days.

Today has gone much better than I thought it would when I sat in a zombie like state wrapped in my dressing gown swinging back strong coffee this morning.

The news on breakfast t.v. About a dinosaur fossil  Inspired little Evie to ask me to get down a dinosaur book from the shelf. She sat flicking through and pointing to various dinosaur, egg, hand (claw )

Myself summer,Eva and Charlie played with the hamster . Evie and Charlie are always amused as it tunnels under piles of sawdust. Evie also enjoyed gently brushing his fur with a toothbrush .

While upstairs I happened to notice a dinosaur stencil . So Charlie , Evie ,jasmine and I got out some paint and created some art. Charlie found a birthday candle and did some secret writing too.

Summer spent some time sorting out all the phonics flash cards. We have never used them until last weekend when she got them out for my niece.

She made some sentences with them before sorting them.

We have spent a while doing puzzles. Written letters to st Nicholas,Skyping  friends,  drinking hot drinks with my mum and Charlie and jasmine made curry for dinner ....

Jasmine made some cinnamon biscuits and ginger flower cookies  .she's very passionate about baking right now yesterday she made crummy chocolate chip cookies and Monday gingerbread men ! All of which have been delicious .

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