Sunday, 22 December 2013

Advent day 21 and 22.

This weekend seems to have flown by.

yesterday was the winter solstice. Jasmine and i tried to make a solstice sun decoration. The instructions we followed called for kite paper. Because we didn't have any we used orange tissue paper as i thought it would look nice with the light behind it. It was very tricky as it was so flimsy. still we had a go while discussing the fact that from here on in the days will grow a little longer!

Charlie also made a solstice tissue paper decoration , he did great working independently and has put it up safely as he wants to gift it to his Nanny . Im sure she will love it!

Jas was going to bake a yule log but our hens have not been laying.much recently so Shes still waiting on one more egg. ( Nanny offered her to nip down the road to get some eggs from their hens or ducks but that was too much bother for my struggling teen) She did however ice some ginger bread men.

summer spent a long while yesterday making chocolates to give as Christmas gifts and Gypsies has spent the vast majority of the weekend doing a 3d puzzle and baking .

Today we had a visit from my uncle and aintie , its always great to catch up with them and we traded gifts too.

Later this afternoon we made our Christmas cake. Charlie did the bulk of the tipping and measuring and Eva enjoyed scraping the bowl out and eating the mixture. We all had a stir and made a wish ( except Jasmine as she was too busy sulking )

As they all want to ice the cake iv suggested we each make a snowman to go on the top. We will do that tomorrow !

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