Friday, 20 December 2013

Advent day 20

I made a list this morning of everything i wanted to get done. iv hardly stopped all day and yet some things remain undone .
i do however feel like iv acomplished a lot for someone who's spent the past week resting.

I remembered to put the stew in the slow cooker thats, probably because i put it on my to do list this, that in its self is an achievement as its something iv been meaning to do for the past three days .

This did however take longer than usuall as i got a call from the hospital while i was preparing it. A midwife informed me that following my blood test on Wednesday they have found antibodies in my blood and need to take more blood for further screening. Im trying not to think about it too much as i had the same thing when i was pregnant with Charlie .And he was born before we got the blood results. The midwife was very lovely and has arranged for my blood to be taken at home on Monday at my next community midwife appointment. she also seems to think I'll have had the baby before the results come through. she says baby  will need to have cord blood taken and watched for signs of jaundice .

i could of gone to the hospital and had bloods  taken today but Paul was busy at work and in the grand scheme of things i doubt one working day will make much diffrence.

Anyway, as i was saying....stew got made and popped in the slow cooker, the fridge and freezer have been cleared out and cleaned ready for tomorrow when the Christmas groceries arrive .I have found and written the cards i painted for mum and dad and my Aunties and uncle . iv made a disgusting cake (went straight in the bin) iv cleaned all the floors and washed towels and Muslins for the baby.iv hovered every room including under the sofa and under all the sofa cushions. Iv given the food waste bin a good scrub.

Iv researched the winter solstice a little too.

Not much really but its taken me all day!

I hope to get some gift wrapping done tonight too.

Charlie has watched an action film and spent a long time using the computer and baking mince pies.

summer been dancing playing, stretching, using skype and instagram and this afternoon  has had a friend found to play .

Gypsies been cleaning out the rabbit,  using the computer,watching t.v and laughing a lot.

Jasmine been in to Ryde on the bus for the afternoon with my sister they had a look round the shops and the library and used a photo booth for the first time.

Evie has been joining in with the others , dancing, playing outside and generally being a cutie.

There was a lovely game of hide and seek going on earlier at one point too.

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