Thursday, 19 December 2013

Advent days 14 to 19

This week has been not quite as planned.This post is a quick catch up , before i forget what's been going on in our little home.

Friday the thirteenth realy lived up to its name. After having mild contractions all day i thought i better call my midwife . She examined me and it was decided.that although i was contracting i wasnt dilating at all. Plans were put in place that i should rest up and if the pain got worse i was to get to hospital. I was totally devastated .i had so hoped for another home birth but she advise that at 36 weeks and three days pregnant my baby would be classed as premature and hospital would be the safest place.

Fortunately for me i did as i was told ( for once) and by about nine thirty the contractions had stopped. Iv since done a test to determine if i perhaps had a urinary tract infection. That was Monday and iv not heard any results so Im assuming that no news is good news.

Yesterday i had a blood test to.determine if my iron levels have dropped any lower.

And when iv not been seeing a midwife or a nurse iv mainly been resting.

As for elf he continues to be a cheeky little thing. Hes been found wallowing in a bowl of pop corn, sitting between bottles of beer and various other places.

Christmas crafting has continued.
Gypsies made beautiful pop corn and cranberry garlands for our tree.

We have made gorgeous smelling orange and clove pomanders, and im very proud of the wreath Charlie made for our front door.
A couple of weeks ago i made a basic frame from some Jasmine that grows in the back garden. ( yes i planted it when Jasmine was little) but Charlie pretty much did the rest by himself.

We have watched many a film. I say we i mostly mean me Charlie and Jasmine.

Jasmine has been continuing to work independently on her systems of the body lessons. The nervous system was looked

Iv been wrapping gifts and sewing decorations as i remain sat on my ever expanding bottom.
And Jasmine has made me the most wonderful coffee cake.

Iv finished reading "my friend the enemy " to Charlie and he made a paper spitfire .

The children also recieved a gift in the post yesterday. A wonderful friend of mine , who is truly kind sent a chocolate lolly maker.... They were so happy and surprised . Jasmine made some very cute lollys this afternoon one of which will be packaged up and sent to my friend for her beautiful daughter as a thank you.

So all in all we are taking each day as it comes and waiting on our new arrival , who i should mention is now 37 weeks and two days gestation and can now be born at home !!!!!


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