Friday, 22 November 2013

zooooooom .....

Wow this week sure
has passed quickly.

Our days are still child lead . I'v been  surprised by Gypsies and Jasmine asking me to sit at the table with them and continue with there main lessons .

Gypsies has continued with a lesson block on the life of Christ . we have done loads and loads of reading . All about the last weeks of jesus ' life  .The resurrection, and also about the early church and the cannonising of The scriptures. She's writing out a couple of verses from the bible for writing practice and yesterday we made illuminated bible pages. Evie helped by scribbling all over mine.

Gypsies has also been playing with her keyboard and going online to find out how to play Christmas carols.

Jasmine has begun a short block on reproduction . she's drawn diagrams of sexual organs and sperm and we drew a diagram of The menstrual cycle relating it to the seasons of The year.

Jasmine has also set up a page for her photography on facebook . A place to share her photos and think she intends on selling a few eventually too.

Charlie has been making lots of lego  models and we downloaded and printed of some lego man decals . he careful cut out the outfits of a German and Russian soldier and glued them on to the figures. I thought it looked quite fiddly but he asked for no help what so ever .

He s really got in to his library book too . The one I mentioned before "my friend the enemy " set in WW2 . Today we have read about four chapters and I have to admit I'm enjoying it as much as he is.

Summer has been happily spending her time playing with her reborn dolls . printing out workbook for her toddler doll and making puree for the babies. And chatting on skype
with her friend who is also reborn obsessed .

we all went to mine and Paul former high school on Sunday as Summers had a dance rehursal in one of the halls. It felt odd walking in to the hall , I think the last time I was there I was sitting an exam. Every thing seemed much smaller and less scary. which is odd as iv not gotten any taller since leaving although I am far more confident ...perhaps that's what it was. It all looks very rundown now too.

The kids were equally unimpressed . I joking said "look what your missing out on!" Its fair  to say they they were not tempted to leave theit home educating days behind them .

On Wednesday my dad celebrated his 60th birthday . Summer made him a lovely fruit cake.And he enjoyed opening the home made cards too.

Gypsies and summer and Charlie  have been doing lots of cooking and baking. Enchiladas ,cupcakes , mince pies and pasties. are the things I can remember, though I'm sure there's been more.

Of course there's been lots of crafting too. summers has made more bath products , gypsies been making salt dough and jasmine has been making cup cake candles .

iv been busy expanding my bump ,nesting and preparing for Christmas ...iv written a few Christmas cards and made some felt Jesse tree ornaments too.

Evie has been having lots of fun this week too. puddle splashing and going in to battle on her rocking horse are a couple of things that spring to mind .

I ll leave you with a few photos !!!!

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