Friday, 15 November 2013

Child lead days.

Since Tuesday the week has been totally child lead.

My brother visited again yesterday as did my best friend.It's always lovely to see her, as she lives in jersey her visits are sparce and always a pleasure. However being the fantastic woman that she is shes landed herself a job here and is moving back shortly ...we are all so happy for her.

My kitchen has been a hive of activity these past couple of days . The girl have been baking cakes ,biscuits tarts and toffee apple crumble.
Summer and jas have been making bath products too that they will be gifting to family and friends at Christmas.  Presented in the wonderful gift boxes that they have made.
They did all this by themselves .

This afternoon Charlie and Gypsie went down to my mums house .They returned telling me how much her chicks have grown and how they had put food out for the wild birds.
They came home and sat at the table drawing and painting together .

Summer has spent loads of time on skype these past two days as one of her friends has been off school with a sore throat .They use there phones to skype and have been 
baking and creating together and playing with there reborn dolls.

Charlie has mostly been playing with lego and on the pc watching videos on you tube. We have also been reading a book called "my friend the enemy " set in world war two.

We have been useing our you view box too. Catching up on some programs we wanted to watch. Gypsie asked to watch something about the mystery of king Tut. Shes asked to learn more on the subject too.

I wanted to watch Tudor farm .I absolutly loved it and the kids were in and out the room asking questions and dipping in and out of the program.

Its been a good couple of days x

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