Saturday, 9 November 2013

Village fireworks .

Last night we all went to the local fireworks night.

ALL of us....thats quite a big deal for us.

Gypsies isn't a fan of social gathering especially loud crowded ones. The first year we went i ended up bringing her home in tears because she said she felt sick. Then last year she opted to stay home with Paul while i took the others .

I could tell she was anxious before we left and Paul insisted he would stay home with her and watch from the window. But she came and i think she enjoyed it!

The display was fantastic.Eva looked traumatised and looked away ,bless her. And i ll admit i was quite scared by the shower of firework remnants landing on us...but all in all we had a great time.

Charlie took some of his birthday money with him and brought a double ended light saber .h
He chatted happily and confidently about how much he had taken , how much change he had, worked.out the price he would of paid for two or three of them and such like.

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