Friday, 8 November 2013

Colds , books and crafts!

Today has been all about books and card making and ear ache and runny eyes n noses.

Poor jasmine looks blooming awful. Her eyes and nose have been streaming all day. She insisted however that she felt well enough to go out this morning though , bless her.

We took a stroll in to the village to the library . Our books needed returning today and we have asked to keep the 3d taj Mahal puzzle for a while longer as gypsie and i are making slow progress with it but we are determined to get there in the end.

I got a very funny look as i strolled up to the kids area and hid the pencil pot on the window sill behind a book. I couldn't face a huge meltdown from Eva like last time. (she screamed all the way home as she couldn't bring the pencil pot home with her) i did explain myself to the librarian but i think she just thought i was crazy!

We came out tantrum free with a pram basket full of books .

I had to visit the bank too and Charlie wrote his name on a paying in silp and waited patiently for the man behind the counter to stamp it.

I had my pregnancy brain moment this morning too,when i purchased some olive oil drops for gypsies ear in the chemist and left them on the counter. Fortunately Paul picked them up for me on the way home from work .

We raided the charity shop and jasmine found a a bumper bag of card crafting goodies for a  fiver. The whole lot would of cost over thirty quid brought new ...we were all very pleased ! I picked up a cute place mat a book and two cute tree ornaments too.

After lunch mum visited and the girls and Charlie made many Christmas cards and birthday cards for grandad and uncle Allan.

Summer made us some lovely mince pies to add to the festive vibe .

Poor jasmine seems to have gone down hill as the days gone on.i hope she's well enough for the village fireworks display tomorrow .


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