Tuesday, 5 November 2013

remember... remember... Not to bother sitting up at 1am printing of crafts that no on wants to do!!!!

Well today started of well, we got on with our main lessons.
Jasmine learnt about the earths rotation and about the different layers of the atmosphere.
 Gypsie and I read about Christ as a child teaching in the temple and about King Herod wanting to kill all the baby boys, she wrote about it too in her MLB. she also did some writing practice.
Summer wrote about Persian mythology and explored the Persian alphabet and Charlie re-told the story we read yesterday ( although writing it in his MLB took all morning )

But as the days progressed I got more and more frustrated. Daddy has given the kids a couple of new wii games recently and these past two days it feels like I am a referee! someone has been on the wii too long , someone wants a go on the wii but someone else wont let them, someone said someone could play with them on the wii but now that someone has decided to play on their own . I ask some one to come and do something and hear " yes let me just finish this" or "in a minute".....Grrrrrrrrr I could quite happily throw the wii console out the blooming lounge window!

I know, it natural and normal behaviour in a house full of kids but today I am tearing out my hair. I had prepared some colouring pages , recipe's, crafts and things for this afternoon to celebrate guy Fawkes night but no one was interested really ...Except summer .She made nanny a lovely card to thank her for getting us some sparklers and we did all make chocolate coated apples!

oh well ...it all looks nice in picture's ( because you cant here me screaming..lol)

Every thing seems to have mellowed out a bit now. Sausages are bubbling in onion gravey and the children are wanting to get outside to do their sparklers ....perhaps when iv apologised to them all we can turn it all around !

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