Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A chill out day.

Today Has been a lovely chilled out day.

Iv spent my day snuggling my youngest, helping with crafts , drinking coffee, chatting with mum, and cooking us a delicious curry for dinner.

We started our day making these cute little pine cone gnomes, just a pine cone a glue gun and some felt and hey presto. we named the red one Percy and the green one Paul! They are sat on our nature shelf looking very cute!

Unfortunately Gypsie has spent the majority of the day in bed feeling poorly but even she was able to join in and make a Martinmas lantern.

I got a beautiful gift in the post today.A gorgeous, gorgeous blanket for our eagerly awaited new arrival. I am so blessed to have such a kind friend.Iv never even met this beautiful lady in real life, but we share our home edding days on line via face book and have a lovely friendship . She is a super talented lady!

Evie made us all laugh this afternoon when she decided to use the Halloween treat bags as shoes and a hat and stomped happily around the house saying "Evie's Halloween!"

And Charlie had me stand and pose for a portrait.....don't i look
I had to pay him 1p for the drawing which is now hung on the fridge.

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