Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lists , lists and another list!

Today has been an organising and planning day.

Myself and jasmine and summer wrapped all the  presents iv brought so far for my family . I have three brothers and three sisters so this wrapping process usually takes a while as i normaly insist on doing it all myself .Summer had asked if she could help and i soon found that they were infact more than capable of wrapping the gifts.They also wrapped birthday presents for my brother and sister . They did a great job .

After lunch i started with the list making. I made my Christmas card list . An advent activities list (i made a felt stocking calendar a couple of years ago ,in each stocking i place a treat for each one of our children and an idea for an activity we can do together) and an elf on the shelf list (for the past couple of years we have had an elf come to stay for the month of December ...he likes to have fun at night and the little ones wake up each day excited to look for him and see what he has been up to). The latter two are still work in progress but i am almost there .

So yeah i spent far too long on pinterest looking up activities and crafts for December . Summer and jazz had a tiff that resulted in me over reacting n banning summer from her phone , the computer and the wii....that ban lasted all of about an hour once we had both calmed down.lol.

Gypsies and jasmine spent the afternoon baking with Evas help. I love how patient they can be with her. They made chocolate chunk shortbread , vegan cup cakes and a chocolate fudge cake.

Charlie made the dumplings for tonights dinner. I explained he would need double the amount of flour to suet and he worked out that there were ten teaspoons of suet left in the box so he would mix that with twenty teaspooons of flour.....practical maths is far more fun than any workbook!

Eva , Charlie , jasmine and i also enjoyed a stroll ( i strolled,well waddled, they scooted) down to the shop just as the moon was rising. The sky was streaked with purples ,blues and pinks.Charlie said it looked like a rainbow  and Eva as always was excitedly pointing out the moon.

This evening Charlie and i read one of his library books about rescue transport .

Today seems to have really flown by!

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