Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Allan's birthday.

Today has been about , balloons , a gorgeous cake,  a cute puppy , family time and a bit of maths .

Our home was the venue for a little family party. (i say little my family is pretty huge..and although were missing one sister and her children and one brother and his there was mum, dad, two of my sisters , two brothers and one of there girl friends and their lovely puppy, my five gorgeous little ones and me too our house was pretty full)

Mum insisted as it was her idea she was going to do all the cooking and appered every few hours with plates of food for a lovely tea! Its a good job we live in the same road !

Allans lovely girlfriend surprised him with a wonderful cake she had had made especially for him. He is a D.J on fire radios breakfast show .The radio cake was even tuned in to fire on the dial ...a cute little detail.

We dont see my brother all that often as he doesn't live here on the island anymore. It was  great to share his birthday with him.

The kids were excitedly blowing up balloons and putting up a banner , buying him chocolate with their pocket money and writing a birthday greeting on the chalk board before his arrival .

The little bit of accidental maths happened this morning too when jasmine abduction Charlie were making gift boxes. Jasmine has some ideas for little gifts she would like to make people for Christmas . She found a box template online and printed several on to card. Her and Charlie then folded and taped the boxes together. Jasmine has since been to the shop for glitter and glue so i will wait untill they are finished before sharing them on here.

Besides all this what else has been happening .......

More Christmas card making from Gypsie , summer and Eva.
Some healthy juice making , wii game playing, you tube video watching and lego playing....

We have had a lovely day.

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