Thursday, 7 November 2013

Autumn nature table/shelf

Today our nature table looks so pretty with the candles lighting up the dark corner of the room.

I thought id share it now as it Will all be changing soon. From gold yellow , burnt orange and red to greys silvers and blues that come with the ice and snow that will be brought by king winter.

I call it a table ...its not a table at all its a shelf .

On the top tier are the Martinmas lanterns the children made yesterday ( they have just replaced the big felt michaelmas dragon) .

On the middle are the fir cones we collected and turned in to gnomes , a lantern gypsies made right at the beginning of Autumn our pumpkin fairy tucked in to her leaf sleeping bag, a felt bat and our Autumn verse.Also on this shelf sit the clay churches Charlie and i made whilst studying St Francis.

Right at the bottom we have the witchy gnomes i made the children as a gift for Halloween.They are gathered around a felt pumpkin . Behind them is the book "Autumn" by Gerda Muller .

We love our little nature shelf!

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