Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What thought would be a restful week.

we have been having a break from our lessons this week for half term. mainly because summer and jasmine,my two socialites, have been wanting to spend time with friends who are on half term.

Saturday was a lovely day we took the children to busy bee to brows the Christmas world. And we all enjoyed sniffing the beautiful candles and soaps and most of all Eva enjoyed stepping on the lazer lights that shone upon the floor. Of course a trip to Christmas world wouldnt be complete without trying on some masks and hats.

Sunday night the island was battered rather badly by hurricane Jude. I was convinced it was all media hype and so did little to prepare . Record gusts of 95 mph were recorded at the needles that night, trees fell and unfortunately we lost a pain of glass in our porch and sadly a tree toppled over in the local cemetery on to my sisters grave stone resulting in it being chipped and removed from its base.
Still it could of been much worse than it was.

Monday morning Paul had an appointment with a.nurse for a breathing test. He's had a lot of chest problems and shortness of breath for some months now. The nurse suspects he has asthma .we are waiting to see if a new inhaler eases his symptoms . I really hope it works!

Tuesday was pumpkin carving day in our house. The kids had lots of fun scooping and chopping and carving .

Summer decided to save some pumpkin seeds and soaked them and roasted them .She did tgeb whole thing start to finish with no input from me what so ever.

Today has been a day of preparation. Iv been cleaning , tidying and shopping for party supplies .iv helped Charlie make a birthday banner too.

In other news Paul and i have been together fourteen years . Fourteen years since our first ever how time flys !

Right now its getting late and i have a boy who would like a bed time story and cuddle...i ll leave you with these pictures of our week so far.


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