Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween 2013

We have had such fun today. Its been fantastic.

Mum popped in early for me to sort out some pet insurance and then i spent the rest of the morning helping Charlie with a big scooby doo puzzle we picked up at the charity shop.
Even jasmine helped finished it

This afternoon i set up a treasure hunt for the kids. Jasmine had gone to the park and Eva was asleep but summer,Gypsie and Charlie enjoyed it. Char and summer did have a small tiff, nothing serious though.

I had filled a basket with some goodies. I filled some tiny bottles with bubble bath,made some little felt witches, drew a pin the nose on the pumpkin game and printed off a board game.i also added some bouncey ball eye balls, stickers and black and orange tissue paper.

The craft goodies were put to good use by Eva and Gypsie .They made cute lanterns that adorned our table whilst they tucked in to chips and mini pizzas thats i tried to make look like pumpkins.

After dinner they all got dressed up in their costumes and i painted their faces .We headed out to trick or treat around the village after another quick visit from nanny who popped in again, this time to see her scary grandchildren and give them some sweets!

I was quite touched this evening when the kids brought me a little bag of sweets. they had all put some of there loot in to the bag as a gift for cute.

feeling loved and blessed this evening and tad exhausted too!


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