Thursday, 24 October 2013

Angles, Galileo and Halloween crafts.

Today we have been studying angles. I chalked up the board and the older three children  copied the angles on to some paper .Jasmine eagerly explained a 360° and a 180° to Gypsie using her scooter tricks as examples  !

Charlie and i read the story of The"The dog and his shadow " for his fables lesson block.

Summer made some salt dough and got to work creating a gorgeous Buddha statue for the last part of her lesson block on India .she asked me if id like to help paint him....of course i jumped at the chance .

Jasmine and i read some information about Galileos thermometer and then we attempted an experiment.

Gypsies had some tissue paper out on the kitchen table .she was making a mosaic for the last part of her Roman lesson block .charlie picked up a wooden bead and announced it was the earth core and he proceeded to build up the layers of the earth with various colours and a dash of paint for the sea.

Charlie, summer and Gypsie painted some ceramic pumpkin tea light holders this afternoon whilst Jasmine went off on the bus to ryde with my sister .They went round the shops and to the skate park and the arcade in the bowling alley.

There's also been some beautiful scratch art hanging decorations created , some film watching, baking and more trampolining and of course some lego !


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