Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wednesday already !!!!

Today we woke up to lots of wind and rain.

I also woke to a nice clean kitchen.I assumed it was Paul i heard in the kitchen yesterday evening but it was actually summer! she also left a message made of cards  for me to find.

Summer got straight up n decided to make iced lat'e and chocolate chip turns out none of us liked the iced coffee and the cookies were burnt but its the effort that counts!
she also made some rainbow cupcakes that were very yummy .so yummy that i didn't get a photo before they were eaten.

Jasmine produced two pages in.her MLB about the solar system and Australian myths and legends relating to the zodiac.
Gypsie did a page of writing all about Hadrians wall and summer spent some time working on some worksheets about Hinduism. she started making a paper shrine too.

I read the story of " The dog and the wolf" to Charlie and he attempted to build a dog out of lego .

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