Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hinduism, mummification and more!

A lovely start to my day was being brought a cup of coffee in bed by my lovely man who also brought tea for the youngest two who were in bed with me having lots of snuggles and looking at a book together.

We went down stairs and I sorted Eva some breakfast and let out our hens and fed the rabbit , then decided to do some baking. I was joined by Eva who had her own bowl and spoon and enjoyed some mixing .

The older girls got up one at a time and helped themselves to breakfast and then we made a start on today's lessons.

Summer and I read some info about the Hindu festival of Holi and she completed a couple of worksheets about the legend of Prahlad and Holika. She cut out her work and pasted it in to her main lesson book. we discused how much of hinduism relates to the five senses and what she might , see, hear, smell, touch and taste if she was to celebrate Holi. Then she wrote out the Hindi numbers one to ten .

Charlie and  I rewrote the story that I read to him yesterday of "the wolf and the dog" in to his main lesson book.

Gypsie read and wrote out some information about aqueducts , shes coming to the end of her Roman block now.

Jasmine continued with her astronomy project, creating some beautiful pages about constellations, and fun facts about the solar system.

There also been plenty more going on besides all this. Gypsie cleaned out our hamster and there have been wii games shared,T.V watching,water play, brochures browsed, you tube videos watched, dancing, drawing, singing, a walk to the shop, scooting, trampolining, a friend round to play and lots and lots of Lego. I got an hours nap and then cracked on with chopping down all the nettles than continue to fill the chicken enclosure.....oh how i wish chickens ate nettles!

There has also been some mummification going on too.

So another full day of fun and learning.


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