Sunday, 13 October 2013

super Saturday

Today has been a great day..

I got up at six thirty after a restless night ...not entirely by choice ,more due to the lack of bed space as Eva was stretched out across the bed. However once i had reassured myself the noise coming from the kitchen was the hamster and not an intruder i enjoyed a cup of coffee and researched some fun projects for jasmine's astronomy block.
It was poring down when i went out to let the hens out to. But as the sun rose it's light reflected so brightly on the wings of the seagulls .They looked fantastic against the dark grey sky which then turned in to a beautiful purple. An ideal photo opportunity for jasmine .
We had visits this morning from both Paul's dad and mine. They both popped by for us to help them out with various things that we could do online , the purchasing of car insurance and a mobile phone . its lovely to be able to help them .
I found i had time to make a card  and Charlie sat besides me and made one too.
After lunch we headed out shopping . Charlie and Gypsie both desperately needed new shoes.
for once we were straight in and out with minimum fuss...
Charlie has a pair of trainers and Gypsie  has some very funky pink boots that i may well have to borrow!
We had a wonder round a few shops cooing  over new born baby clothes before returning to the  car for our journey home.
Once home Charlie happily played with his new leg type kits.Eva had a nap  .Gypsie used the computer .summer had a friend round and jasmine went out with i had a little doze while Paul went out to rescue his uncle who had locked himself out of his car.
I was very happy when Paul came home and offered to get a take away for dinner..I ordered us pizza before heading out to collect eggs and clean out the chicken coop.
Tonight has been great . We have been given a gorgeous electric fire, surround and mantle .Something Paul dad had been given but didn't want ...its so gorgeous. I can't wait to see it all up and working in the lounge.
And snuggled up with my babies , eating chocolate and watching the x factor .
simple pleasures!!!!

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