Friday, 11 October 2013

Halloween preparations

After a couple of days of feeling very poorly and like an absolute failure as a mum and home educator , i was extremely happy to feel better yesterday and made the most of the energy i had.

I took the girls breakfast in bed. Cleaned the kids bed room and kitchen, had dinner bubbling in the slow cooker and a long line of washing hanging out to dry all before lunch time by comparison to the past couple of days this was a big achievement.
Id even had time to sit with jasmine and plan out her next main lesson block on astronomy.

After lunch with the glow of a tea-light and the delicious smell of apple and cinnamon  wafting from the oil burner,we made a start on some Halloween crafts.

Charlie made a scary pirate and scarecrow . Gypsie made a pumpkin garland and i made a pin wheel and 3D model of Marvin the mummy.
Summer decided to make tissue paper flowers....not Halloween related but very cute. She also cut up bin bags to make a scary door way and trick or treat bag.
Jasmine baked a coffee cake and spent a long time on pintrest looking at Halloween craft projects .
This evening she decorated her cake to look like Frankenstein ...its great!


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