Monday, 14 October 2013

An autumn day

Its been a very autumnal day today both indoors and outside .

I chalked up the phases of the moon for Jasmine to make a start on her astronomy project.

Mondays are grocery delivery days in our home. The three older girls had put on some requests while i was ordering the shopping. Jasmine asked for some coloured pens and more roll out icing , Gypsies asked for some sugar cubes and summer asked for a scrap book and some stickers.

They were all very happy that there items had come and there were no silly replacement items as there can often be.
Charlie was very happy because i had ordered him the new lego star wars DVD and it actually came. This was the third week in a row that id ordered it actually, apparently it had been out of stock the last two weeks!

So Charlie watched his DVD while the girls got on with other things.Gypsies and Jasmine made a ice house lantern using icing sugar as cement to build up the ice cube walls. They used  some coloured tissue paper for a window and red and green food dye for extra scary details .

Summer got to work making a scrap book all about her reborn dolls.

This afternoon before they went to the park,Gypsies and Jasmine made some cute cobwebs. I drew out some cobwebs on to greaseproof paper and they went over the designs with a thick layer of PVA glue then  sprinkled them with silver glitter.I hope they peel off easily when they are dry! 

This evening summer had her dance classes as usual and came home with dates for shows and dress reversals .It will be the first performance she's done at a theater !

For pudding tonight i helped Gypsies make baked apples from a recipe she had found in our autumn activity book .


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