Monday, 21 October 2013

Just another day.

Today has been a busy one for me. I've loaded the washing machine , dishwasher and tumble dryer at least five times over .Changed bedding and the sofa cushions .cleaned the fridge,Packed away a weeks worth of groceries as well as all the usual clearing up packing away that comes with having a house full of children.

The kids have been hard to motivate today.We have spent a while studying though.

Jasmine did two pages in her MLB  one about copernicus and another about Galileo and there discoveries .

Gypsies wrote a little about Hannibal , a carthaginion commander and enemy of the Romans.

Summer began a week long study of Buddism.we read the story of Buddha and drew a smiling Buddha  and then she wrote out the four noble truths .

This afternoon Jasmine and summer had fun on there scooters and practicing flips on the trampoline .Gypsie attempted a 3D puzzle of the Taj Mahal .
Jasmine also  baked some delicious cookie pops and summer did some weaving on her loom.

Summer had her dance lessons as usual .she just told me she has a special part in one of the dances for the show, because she's the only one who can do the splits!

I had  resided to the fact that my boy was having an autonomous kind of day making lego  boats and paper sales and watching octonaughts  and wanted no input from his mum.

I was wrong .This evening he made a stunt man out of wool and a pen lid. Poor stunt man needed a lot of medical attention after jumping down the stairs.

I read aloud from a st johns leaflet .And  Charlie pretended to provide medical attention to his little stunt man.

In as little as half an hour together we learnt about CPR , severe bleeding  and the recovery position.


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