Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Blood , vampires, ghosts and more.

Yesterday  morning I had a blood test booked at the local medical centre.
Mum did offer to look after the kids for me but she had been mentioning that dad had offered to take her to the newly opened Aldi. So I insisted she go shopping instead.
I was nervous and visited the loo many a time .I am not afraid of blood tests or needles I just hate medical appointments. Anyway we got there on time and I was seen very quickly. My only issue being that they had booked the appointment in Jasmine' s name instead of mine. And then there was a small water dispenser issue , but we got in and out of the surgery fairly hassle free.
Charlie really enjoyed watching my blood being taken and calling the nurse a vampire. The nurse said to me "You'll have your hands full" and was further amused when I said  "Oh this is our sixth baby" .Gypsie had stayed at home and Jasmine was in the waiting room.

We walked home taking small diversions to collect  fir cones and conkers.
The sun was really warm and it was a gorgeous walk spoilt only by the tantrum of a toddler with new shoes .
We popped in the shops , with my still screaming toddler. Brussel sprouts were a necessity because I was cooking roast turkey....think Christmas in October.

At home we ate lunch and had a lazy afternoon , playing, looking at books,catching up on some t.v and preparing dinner . I didn't have much to do because Gypsie did the potatoes and sprouts for me.shes such a treasure.
Later in the afternoon summer and Jasmine headed out to the park with friends .returning home to a yummy dinner.
Last night I had an early night accompanied by some trashy t.v some needles thread and felt and two small people and a Halloween activity book.
Charlie had fun with the dot to dots and was delighted he could read some off the word search words without any help.

He went off to bed with his last wobbly tooth tucked inside a new felt tooth pouch.


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