Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Boats,maths friends and family

We had a surprise visit from two of my sisters this morning. It was lovely to see them both even if they did only come here because our mum had forgotten to leave them out a key. Eva was in a bit of a bad mood this morning she was a little warm too. Last night she said her belly hurt too so im desperately hoping she's not coming down with anything nasty.she has spent the majority of the day on a chair playing in the kitchen sink. She LOVES water! We did a few Halloween teamed maths worksheets this morning. Jaz worked on multiplication and addition. Summer had some word problems to solve, gypsies also did some addition and Charlie worked on subtraction. At one point in the morning With all being quiet i went out in to the kitchen to see what was occurring and was greeted by some nautical art work. Gypsies was doodleing sea creatures and Charlie was making a boat. He had made holes in the card and used split pins to join all tgeb parts together. His boat passion is still going very strong. After lunch Gypsie asked if i could help with the 3D Taj Mahal puzzle she has on loan from the library. We spent a good couple of hours on it with Jasmine, Summer,and Charlie chipping in to help every now and then when they took breaks from trampolining . We had some exciting post today too.face paints for Halloween, porcelain paints and some scratch art.The two latter will be put to good use tomorrow ! Late this afternoon and again after dinner the kids had some friends in to play . Charlie was having such fun with two boys to play with that he really didn't want to come in for his bath.

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