Monday, 7 October 2013

Fables, mehindi designs, roman roads and more.

We had a great morning.

Charlies working on a block about animal fables at the moment so after practising some form drawing we read the story of "The lion and the mouse" , and then drew a picture each.

I had help from Eva.

Summer is learning all about India at the moment and drew some beautiful mehindi designs. I left Gypsie reading about roman roads but she found Summers work more exciting and i soon noticed she has done her own mehindi using a black Biro.

 She did however continue to write all about the roads made by the Romans and about how they invented the arch and cement too.

And jasmine continued with Leonardo da vinci  inventions and completed a page in her main lesson book about mechanics.
she wrote briefly about the wheel, pulleys, incline planes, the wedge and the screw.

Summer and Jasmine had a walk down to the shop with Eva because Jasmine wanted to write in her MLB in different coloured  ink but they unfortunately came home pen-less. They did have chocolate and chewing gum though , always a bonus.

There was time for a game of go fish before lunch for Summer and Charlie, a nap for Eva, a bit of maths for Gypsie and a massive strop from Jasmine because i insisted on the no t.v before 3 pm rule.

 After lunch Mum visited for a cup of coffee and Gypsie and Charlie headed off to the park for an hour or so .Its lovely to see Gypsie have a bit more independence and her actually wanting to go out more , i was so worried about her this time last year.

Right now Summer is at her dance lessons (tap , ballet and disco). She goes an hour before her lesson  starts now to help the younger ones with their class.

So its been a good day today. I think i better crack on and make us all some dinner for when the dancer returns!

Wishing you all a beautiful evening.


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