Friday, 20 September 2013

Free day Friday

Friday is our free day. That means no home school for the kids and a rest for me....phhh a rest for me , as if.

I spent the morning cleaning the ovens , the worktops and cooking. Charlie requested pancakes for breakfasts . Then i cooked some meatballs which were in the slow cooker with some tomato sauce all day. Then i baked two loafs of bread, cheese scones , a sponge cake and some vegan cup cakes (the cup cakes turned out to be a disaster as i forgot the baking powder.)

After that we headed off to the shop .Charlie had a visit from the tooth fairy last night and was excited to spend his money .we popped  into the charity shop on the way back . we found lots of unopened craft kits .we came out with two scratch arts ,a sequin art ,two cross stitch kits,a painting by numbers and a watercolour book and paints ,a book and some playing cards.Charlie brought himself an animation kit. It has lots of equipment and a book explaining how to make a moving pictures.

Mum came by with my nephew at lunch time.
Then while the kids played ,through streaming nose,i spent the afternoon cleaning their bedroom and mine and the toy shelf in the lounge .i give it about 24 hours before its usuall state but for  now its nice n clean.

At dinner time and upon Paul's return from from work tempers were frayed. Eva has been unhappy all day and rather demanding .i had been super busy and overlooked the refilling of the chickens water....

When Paul said that i had been busy with Eva all day i thought i detected more than a hint of sarcasm. He then decided he didn't want dinner cooked meatballs especially for him and i was upset.


We hugged and all was well again. Im going to blame pregnancy hormones , because i can !!!!

Paul cleared up the after dinner mess while i headed back down the shop with Gypsie  for items i'd previously forgotten. Gypsie cleaned out the  rabbit Hutch and i cleaned out the chicken coop and i thought all the cleaning was done ...but Eva had other ideas.not entirely satisfied with mummy having spent all day cleaning she decided a poo in her bath was the  best way to end the day ...hence more cleaning for mummy....oh the joy....

Yeah so much for free day Friday ...


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