Thursday, 26 September 2013

A busy child lead day.

My goodness me what a busy day yesterday was. It was all child lead. There was DIY beauty products being made by summer. She had been watching u tube tutorials on her phone . She made lip balms, soap cakes, bath salts and all from ingredients she found in the kitchen cupboards ! There was candle making too. Summer melted down lots of old tea lights to make a large floating candle. She used a cookie cutter as a mold. It looks very pretty! Charlie and gypsies rolled beeswax candles. It was gypsies idea to make them and then Charlie came along behind her useing the scraps to make mini candles . He gifted one to Nannie . Gypsies also looked up maps of central America for her main lesson and summer finished her block on America with a page about the statue of liberty . Charlie did a 3D puzzle and has dismantled his teafoc bricks ready to begin a new project. Jasmine made some very lovely cupcakes .There were rose water ones for her brothers n sisters (no egg) and chocolate and orange ones for her to share with me and her dad. They taste fantastic! When Eva wasn't nursing she was drawing , Chalking and throwing bricks around. I myself was kept busy with the cutting down of nettles ,loading and unloading the dishwasher and washing machine constantly ,hoovering and happily praising my children for there efforts . Charlie had a nice surprise in the afternoon .My sister had spotted a kit in the charity shop.It has a variety of rubber band powered cars to build and Charlie and i were kept busy with that for a long time. Not that he really needed much help.He's playing with them now as type actually .so a pound well spent. Thank you auntie Hayley. There was also time for a few stories and cuddled and kisses too. been.

Last night i had a lovely phone conversation with a fellow home educator and genuinely lovely lady . It was great to chat with some one id got to know on line. Its a shame i called her because she had been upset but she reassured me that she was ok. We planned to have a bonfire also but i ended up putting it out because it was far to windy. Perhaps we will do it tonight. I wonder what today will bring . XXX

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