Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chinese moon festival.

Despite us all feeling poorly, and with the four eldest dosed up on paracetamol ,( thank you nanny for coming to the rescue ) we have had such a great day today.

Jas took a beautiful photo of the reflection of the moon upon the sea yesterday evening . Upon looking at the photo we chatted briefly about the harvest moon.

It got me thinking about the Chinese mid autumn moon festival. This morning i decided to Google the date and was very happy to read it was TODAY .

Jasmine has been poorest of all today and spent the majority of the morning asleep under a duvet on the sofa.
My other little troopers cracked on with their main lessons and summer also did her maths
Gypsie baked some delicious cheese scones for lunch and i found a child friendly moon cake recipe on line which Charlie and Gypsie made together.

Gypsie and Charlie also decided they would to watch kung foo panda two...very appropriate.
after the film we all made Chinese lanterns. we covered a glass jar with a sheet of tissue paper and then slipped a paper lantern over the top.... they looked beautiful on the mantle peace on a dull and rainy autumn afternoon.
This evening we tucked in to beef and ale stew with dumplings made by Gypsie  and banoffee pie made by Charlie. He had been round at my mums house and watched her making one a couple of weeks ago, he brought home the recipe so we could also make it.
It was rather unfortunate that having been so excited to make it he actually didn't like it...bless him !

Tonight Eva asked me to read "wishing moon" to her and we gazed out of the bedroom window at the beautiful full moon.
I'm intending to read "Lin Yi's Lantern" when i take Charlie up to bed in a while.

                                                            Happy moon festival day....

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