Monday, 2 September 2013

And so the autumn term begins..................

So today was the day we got back in to the rhythm of our Waldorf home schooling.

Yesterday i made sure everything was in place for an easy day today, Our  lesson schedule hung upon the  kitchen door

The art materials all collected up and put in one place.( iv been purchasing these new materials over the summer brake and didn't have the heart to put them up out of the kids way so they have been in use a fair bit already)

Maths booklets were printed off.

And the autumn books all pulled from the shelf and placed together in the book basket.

Id like to say oh, its been absolutely amazing, but i don't tell lies so let me tell you its been a good one , heaps of positive moments but my girls have been bickering non stop. oh , and Charlie told me he was leaving home at some point too. Ha Ha.......oh the joy.

I guess having a bit more structure back in your day when you have been used to doing what you want when you want takes a bit of getting used to when your a six year old boy who wants to be watching star wars and playing outside.

Our morning started very early. for our physics lesson on sound i roused Gypsie at around six thirty (i had asked her the night before if this would be o.k and she told me it would be just fine) id pencilled out a chart for her to fill out and made us bot a mug of coffee to awaken our senses. First we sat in the kitchen then the lounge and then we headed in to the garden. our task was to see if it was possible to find silence. we had no luck . we sat and whispered about all the sounds we could here. categorising them as  man made or natural.
we enjoyed our time outside listening to the early morning bird chorus and discussing the different calls as we heard the magpies, pigeons and seagulls.And we listened to the trickling of the fountain on the pond.

summer got up with Eva whilst we were outside and after doing the animal chores together Gypsie and i headed back inside and Summer made us all croissants for breakfast. Even the hens wanted some as they jumped up on the kitchen window sill to see what they were missing out on.Of course we shared with them too.

Charlie and jasmine didn't surface till around eight thirty...Charlie woke very chipper as usual and was even happier when he  opened up a new wooden shield and sword.

Summer was eager to start her main lesson as was Gypsie. Gypsie wrote out the table she had made earlier in the morning in to her main lesson book and wrote out a poem as writing practise.

Summer did a little revision of map skills and longitude and latitude. She drew out a map of our home in the main lesson book before doing her maths and decorating the front of her book and a folder.

Gypsie  did a few pages of maths too.

Charlie and i read the first part of the story of St Francis of Assisi and he did some form drawing .He then headed of to play and watch star wars and do everything he wanted to do and more!

 Jasmine spent the morning in my bed under my duvet watching Joan of arc on DVD. she watched all but the last twenty minutes when she decided it was too boring. I'm wondering whether she will want to continue with the plan to work on Joan of arc for the whole week or perhaps to decide on something else instead.

we are our lunch outside (apart from jas who was sulking).

I chalked up a verse upon the blackboard . I'm hoping it will resonate with the girls and there love for one another can shine a little brighter towards one another!!!

 Eva obviously wanted to add a bit more.

And then we had a visit from my mum . whilst i chatted to mum and enjoyed a coffee, Gypsie drew, Jas and summer did some maths  even though id told them they had done more than enough "work" for one day, Charlie bashed nails in to a boat hes making from a crate and Eva toddled about looking cute in a swimming costume and my shoes occasionally wielding a hammer.

Eva charlie and summer enjoyed a nice splash in the pool and we soaked up the last rays of summer sunshine.

we had planned on going for a walk , but summer made it very clear that wasn't going to happen with out a lot of fuss and bother. we did have a little stroll to the shop for dinner supplies though.

So as i said possibly not THE BEST day ever but no major problems.


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